Our Vision

Accurate Efficiency Projections. Every time.


Quant Efficiency opens the door to vast building energy savings by improving the financial certainty of efficiency enhancements—at no net added cost to building owners or tenants.

When it comes to convincing the real estate world to initiate lighting, HVAC and other standard efficiency upgrades, the biggest challenge is uncertainty about the potential energy savings and financial benefit. Current approaches to calculating savings are frustratingly unreliable and prohibitively expensive to engineer.


Quant Efficiency’s approach to evaluating interval or smart meter data is far more accurate and while at the same time, cost effective. We’re pioneering the use of what we call Micro-Interval Analytics to quantify the energy savings potential of most standard building upgrades.

Accurate, cost effective savings estimates unlock standardized, more accessible financing for projects—at scale.  Loan periods aligned with pinpoint payback projections more reliably cover costs, delivering energy improvement projects at no net increase in operating expenses.




Future state precision today - Multi-dimensional data analysis presents a clear path forward.


A Towards 50 Company.